We are a privately organized daycare center and have all necessary permits.  


Since 2010, Mrs BARBARA WEISS, a qualified teacher with further training in Montessori-teaching, and additional training in school management, has lead the center.

The trusteeship rests on Mrs CLAUDIA WUETHRICH WITSCHI, high school teacher, specialist in German studies and marte meo therapist, and Mr BEAT WITSCHI, lawyer and marketing expert with long-standing management experience. The daycare center’s management and the trusteeship complement each other very well in terms of their various skills, which is how they guarantee, in cooperation with all employees, a high quality offer.

When hiring new employees, we watch out for high professional qualifications, and regularly carry out internal and external training. In addition to this, the ability to work in a team and a love for the profession are important. When compiling our supervisory teams, we aim for a mixture of all ages, genders and languages.


Younger children up to the age of around 3 years are looked after in the NIDO, and older children in the KINDERHAUS, where the compulsory kindergarten year can also be completed.


We surpass the governmental regulations regarding the number of supervisors (two supervisors per 12 children with mixed ages, whereby children under 18 months count as 1.5 children) and spaciousness required by far.


„Help me to do it myself" (Maria Montessori)

Children want to be independent of adults. Children WANT to do tasks themselves if they are capable of doing so.