We communicate with parents either orally, in writing, via the app Kaymbu or via a secured area of our homepage.

Before or on the first day of supervision, we conduct a familiarization talk. At the end of the familiarization period, we feedback to the parents about the process of it by way of an evaluative conversation. Every spring, there is a detailed supportive talk. If necessary, additional talks are of course always possible. During the drop-off and pick-up time we want to be there for the children primarily, which is why we limit our conversations to only vital information.


Every child has a take home book, which can be used by the parents and us as a means of exchanging information. Paper-bound parent communication is often too slow and outdated in a dynamic children’s environment. So we tested various electronic options. From our point of view and after feedback from parents, the Kaymbu app proved to be the best product. We are introducing Kaymbu for all children starting from the new school year. The app replaces the paper-based Take home book and includes, above all, pictures from the everyday life of the child in addition to current information.


We also communicate via parental letters, e-mails, notice board and our homepage.


„Help me to do it myself" (Maria Montessori)

Children want to be independent of adults. Children WANT to do tasks themselves if they are capable of doing so.